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The show aired from 1995-1998 and was very topical, people all over the country from a very broad demographic were entertained by Mick Molloy and Tony Martin every day on their way home from work.



The site is still a work in progress as im sure you can see and will become more complete over the coming months, as will the forum. This site is the product of two massive fans who both recorded the show daily [one with alot more success than the other]and other individuals who have also donated tapes. You can contribute too by reliving memories of calling in or posting about your favourite sketch, or just a funny incident or figure that you remember by joining the forum. So if you listen to these shows, please share with us some of your memories.



Dont forget to come back as more episodes will become available quickly over time, there's a big backlog of digitised tapes ready to go. And don't forget to follow the twitter account for announcements that there are new episodes on the site. If you have any episodes (or even just interviews or partial episodes) that are missing, or have experience in audio restoration and are willing to lend a hand please contact us here. For more information about the archive and restoration check the faq.



So what are you waiting for grab an episode and get ready to relive a time when Tim Fisher was the temporary PM of the country, when people like the Paxtons, Mal Colston, Arthur Tunstil, Frank Tanti, Paul Keating and John Howard where the comedy fodder of the day, films of the 90s like Twister or The Rock were being being parodied, or if you're up for a little bit of Steven Segal talk, there's always stuff that later became a part of Get This!










                      This site is run by fans and is in no way affiliated with Tony Martin,Mick Molloy or Austereo.